- Nordstrand Audio -

Nordstrand Audio was created in 2005 by respected luthier and mad scientist Carey Norderstand out of necessity for his own Bass builds. Offering innovative pickup and preamp designs rooted in traditional tried and true processes and pickup materials. To give guitar and bass players a wide range of tonal options for sculpting their own sound.

In 2006 the Big Singles were released, an angled pole piece design in a soapbar casing. The angled poles design has become the benchmark for Nordstrand Pickups and features in a wide range of pickup options.

Carey’s custom USA built guitars and basses are well revered, and at NAMM 2019 the Acinonyx Bass was launched. Nordstrand’s first mass production instrument, made in Indonesia. Like their pickup designs, the Acynonyx (or also known as the Cat Bass) is a vintage influenced bass with modern tech!

Nordstrand Audio push the sonic boundaries to discover hidden tones within your instrument.

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