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Brads Guitar Mods are what it says in the box. These are my thoughts & ideas to help inspire you with your own guitar mods.

You will find everything you need to upgrade and modify your electric guitar or bass. From wiring harness & pickup upgrade packs. To Strat & Tele replacement necks. Along with some other things that just think are really helpful in completing your own guitar builds or modifications

I have always loved to try and find tones I have in my mind, for specific type of players, or playing styles. Now that I have created Tone Merchants. A company that was the result of sheer frustrations at the lack of options available for people like me down here in the South Pacific. I get to have fun. So i have put together guitar and bass upgrade packs to make things easier for you and get you going in the right direction for the type of tones you want to achieve.

All components and parts are carefully considered in each guitar mod. I’m lucky enough to represent some of the best pickup & components brands in the business. From Lindy Fralin Pickups & Emerson 1050’s style wiring. To my own Tone Merchants Wiring & modern humbuckers from Railhammer Pickups. I like to think i have most of the basses covered!

So keep an eye on this category and our Facebook page for one off modified instruments, replacement guitar necks & bodies for your own guitar kit set build projects. I might just have something that was just meant for you.

Looking for a Vintage Bass or Guitar?  Check out my page of Vintage & Pre-loved instruments.

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