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Genzler Amplification

Genzler Amplification build smart, innovative amps and cabinets, for electric bass and acoustic guitars. Founder Jeff Genzler is well known within the bass community for his forward thinking and innovative designs, that offer superior quality and truly lead the way in amp technology.

Jeff started his very first amplifier company (Genz-Benz) in 1984 in the garage of his home in Phoenix, Arizona. After years of working as a professional musician, he had an understanding of what gigging musicians require. With that vision in mind, Jeff and his team created some of the most advanced amps of the time. That is why these amps are still sought after today in the second hand market and why no-one wants to part with them!

Now present day, Jeff has returned to his roots and is working with longtime engineer Scott Andres, to create the next generation of Genzler Amps.  They are making cutting edge products because of their love for music and the connection it gives them to their customers.

Genzler Amplification is the next step in the development of smart, reliable and portable amps and cabinets, that will enhance your playing experience. Helping to push you and encourage your growth as a musician. Whether it is helping you to define “your sound”, or giving you the flexibility to adapt to the demands of a session musician, working across multiple genre’s of music.

Passion started a vison in a garage, nearly 40 years ago. It’s that same passion that continues to drive the Genzler team, to develop some of the most technologically advanced amplifier and cabinet designs in the market today.

Tone Merchants proud to be the NZ distributor for Genzler Amplification.

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