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At Emerson Custom, each day Mitch and his team set out to beat your expectations. Mediocre results and sound simply won’t cut it for them. Everything that is crafted at Emerson, has their heart and soul put into it. So when you unbox your hard-earned products, you instantly feel the quality and old school craftsmanship Emerson Custom is known for worldwide.

Carefully wired to “50’s Style” specifications and grounded with vintage spec buss wire for a great vintage tone.

What’s so special about ’50s style bass wiring?

  • The overall tone gets stronger, tighter, and more transparent. It’s difficult to describe, but you might say it’s more “in your face”.
  • The typical treble loss that occurs when rolling back the volume is much less than with standard wiring. Both the volume and tone controls become more responsive, and they react more smoothly without the usual hot spots. Another bonus: By simply rolling back your guitar volume a bit, you can clean up an overdriven amp without getting lost in the mix.
  • The tone and the volume controls interact with each other—something you might be familiar with from certain tweed-era Fender tube amps. When you change the volume, the tone changes a little bit as well, and vice-versa. This may be strange at first, but you only need a few minutes to get used to it.

The team at Emerson Custom take great pride in using premium components that both operate & sound better than stock electronics found in your guitar. Emerson pots are hand metered and matched for great consistency with even taper on both the volume and tone knob. Giving far better control when rolling down the volume knob… no more mud.

We’re constantly dreaming, tinkering, testing and building to create unique hand made prewired kits for guitar and bass that inspire sonic creativity.

Emerson Custom products are built by musicians for musicians. Tone Merchants are proud to be the New Zealand and Australian distributor for Emerson prewired kits. You can view our full range of Guitar Wiring Kits in this link.

Delivery Throughout Australia & New Zealand

All orders are sent from our shop in Auckland, NZ on a track and trace courier. Typically within New Zealand your Emerson Custom Prewired Kits will arrive over night once dispatched. For delivery into Australia typically our standard service is 5-7 days once dispatched.

Once your order is ready to send out to you, you will receive an e-mail notification with the track and trace details of your courier that has been booked. So if needed you can check on the progress of your delivery.

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