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P90 Pickups

P90 Pickups were first produced by Gibson in 1946 to replace their original Charlie Christian pickup. Designed as a single coil but with a wider & shorter chassis, P-90 pickups had a higher number of coil winds. Producing a louder, thicker, and darker tone compared to single coils of the time.

P90s offer the power and bite of a humbucker, but with the character and clarity of single coil pickups. Available as a soapbar, dogear or humbucker casings. Although as a single coil a vintage P90 will have a hum, you can choose from our hum-cancelling P90s for a noise free experience.

A P-90 Pickup will give you a warmer, cleaner tone than that of a single coil. Along with a more “vintage” sound compared to humbuckers. And if you are looking for that more old-school tone. We really think you can’t go past the P90s.

Tone Merchants searches the world to bring you the best P90 pickups available. So you can find that P-90 tone you have always been searching for. Tone Merchants searches the world to bring you the best P90 pickups. Choose from world famous USA made brands such as Lindy FralinPorter or Lollar Pickups to name a few.

Delivery Throughout Australia & New Zealand

All orders are sent from our shop in Auckland, NZ on a track and trace courier. Typically within New Zealand your P90 pickups will arrive over night once dispatched. For delivery into Australia typically our standard service is 5-7 days once dispatched.

Once your order is ready to send out to you, you will receive an e-mail notification with the track and trace details of your courier that has been booked. So if needed you can check on the progress of your delivery.

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