- Jule Amps -

Jule Amps is a small shop based in Santa Cruz, California. Jule creates by hand, the sound you will love.

Your audience can be millions, thousands, or nobody but you. A Jule Amp will always bring you a gorgeous sound and inspiring playing characteristics.

Known for the Monique Tube Preamp, a smooth powerful all tube bass tone that cuts through the mix like you (and your engineer) won’t believe. Jule Amps also offer an incredible selection of rack mounted amps, power amps and the new Simone Tube Preamp and Pedal in one. With a focus on small, portable tube amps so you can take your tone anywhere with you.

If you are looking for a gorgeous tube sound that you can take anywhere with you. From studio to stage, a Jule Amp will do everything you want it to do. In a portable and robust casing.

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