- Tone Merchants Wiring -

Tone Merchants Wiring Harness & Control Plates for modifications to electric bass & guitar. Create your own tone with vintage & modern wiring kits all proudly made in USA. Using high quality components to enhance your playing experience and encourage your creativity.

We ship world wide from our shop in Auckland, New Zealand as well as from the USA where they are made. This ensures you get the fastest delivery of your Tone Merchants Wiring Harness or Control Plate as soon as possible.

If you are in Australia, you can purchase any of our Tone Merchants Wiring Harness or Control Plates from Deep Tone Music in Sydney. They have them both instore and available via their website.

Each pack comes with everything you should need to complete the install along with clear instructions to follow. All our kits are prewired with leads so you only need to solder the wires together. You can, but do not need to solder the wires to pots. So no concerns about overheating your pots when installing yourself.

Check our our demo videos to find out what a massive improvement upgrading your electronics will do for your instrument.

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