- Porter Pickups -

Porter Pickups was started by Brian Porter from his own need for guitar pickups to be used in his custom guitars. Brian’s pickup designs quickly caught on with players who were looking for custom wound tone and cover options. Soon he found that building guitars needed to be put to the side, building pickups is what he needed to focus on.

Now Porter Pickups has grown from a DIY set up in the garage, employing a team of 4 custom pickup builders in a 3,000 square foot shop. Brian is constantly adding to machinery, so they can create new designs and tones you fall in love with.

Each Porter Pickup has been created to meet a tonal need and to serve a purpose to a specific instrument. Since the pickup is such a crucial part of the tone translation.

Brian and his team feel that a well designed pickup will greatly enhance your overall tone and playing experience. Their pickups reflect this in the quality of build and custom options available.

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