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Telecaster Pickups

Telecaster Pickups may be one of the oldest designs, but that does not mean that there isn’t variation or new designs available to create your own Tele Sound. Tele pickups can be hot, bluesy, have a P90 or run three pickups. Although the body shape has not changed much, if at all. What we are putting inside them to create our own unique tone has no bounds.

Guitarists such as Keith Richard, George Harrison, Joe Strummer, Tom Morello, Jim Root and even El Hefe choose the humble Telecaster, over all the options they could choose from. But they’re not running stock telecaster pickups that’s for sure.

With Jim Root of Slipknot adding humbuckers in his Tele. Tom Morello also going against the grain, almost exclusively using the neck pickup to achieve those punchy, mid heavy tones he’s known for. The Telecaster is far from a one trick pony intended for the country and western twang it was originally designed for.

Tone Merchants has some of the best telecaster pickups made from around the world. To help you find the sound you have been searching for. Choose from world famous USA made brands such as Lindy FralinPorter or Lollar Pickups to name a few.

Delivery Throughout Australia & New Zealand

All orders are sent from our shop in Auckland, NZ on a track and trace courier. Typically within New Zealand your Telecaster pickups will arrive over night once dispatched. For delivery into Australia typically our standard service is 5-7 days once dispatched.

Once your order is ready to send out to you, you will receive an e-mail notification with the track and trace details of your courier that has been booked. So if needed you can check on the progress of your delivery.

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