- PJ Bass Pickups -

PJ Bass Pickups give you the best of two worlds of tone shaping. Choose the p-bass pickup from our range of fantastic brands, and combine it with a single coil J style bridge pickup.

Used by Victor Wooten, Duff McKagen, Rocco Prestia and Geezer Butler  to only name a few. The PJ Bass pickup is not bound to any specific genre and will help you shape the tone you have in mind.

With a good EQ, PJ Bass Pickups can dial in a blend of the two different pickup tones or isolate them. Giving you the flexibility of changing your sound throughout a set, without having to change instrument. Or have lots of pedals. Not that we have anything against either of these alternatives!

Regardless of what pj-sound you are searching for, Tone Merchants searches the world to bring you the best PJ bass pickups. So you can finally find that bass tone you have been searching for.

Choose from a wide range of USA made brands such as Nordstrand, Lollar and Lindy Fralin Pickups to create a tone that is unique to you. With fast  delivery through out NZ and Australia.

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