- Humbucker Pickups -

Guitar Humbucker Pickups were famously used by Gibson and Gretch around a similar time in the early-mid 1950’s. It is often a hot topic as to who made them first with both companies filing a patent around the same period of time. Perhaps the most famous of designs the P.A.F Humbucker was invented by Seth lover of Gibson. P.A.F literally standing for Patent Applied For.

The name Humbucker is also just as straight forward, in that it bucks or cancels the hum for a no noise experience when playing. They can be used as a pair, or in conjunction with other pickups like in a HSS (Humbucker, Single coil, Single coil) Strat set. To create a fatter, rounder tone.

Guitar Humbucker Pickups are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Creating big, loud and warmer tones quite different to the brighter sound of a single coil pickup. And of course without the hum!

Tone Merchants searches the world to bring you the best guitar humbucker pickups. Choose from world famous USA made brands such as Lindy Fralin, Porter or Lollar Pickups.

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