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Mustang Pickups

Mustang Pickups made up of two single-coil pickups that go into an offset body, reminiscent of the Jazzmaster guitar. It had a renaissance in the mid to late 90’s after Kurt Cobain famously used (and smashed up) a few of them.  Since then there have been many re-issues of the Mustang Guitar.

At the time we only offer the one kind of Mustang Pickup from Lindy Fralin. This is a fantastic upgrade to any re-issue or even for older, original Mustang Guitars that need new pickups.

Delivery Throughout Australia & New Zealand

All orders are sent from our shop in Auckland, NZ on a track and trace courier. Typically within New Zealand your Mustang pups will arrive over night once dispatched. For delivery into Australia typically our standard service is 5-7 days once dispatched.

Once your order is ready to send out to you, you will receive an e-mail notification with the track and trace details of your courier that has been booked. So if needed you can check on the progress of your delivery.

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