- P Bass Pickups -

P Bass Pickups available from a wide range of USA made boutique bass pickup manufacturers such as Nordstrand, Lindy Fralin or Lollar Pickups. All made in the USA and offering different perspectives and tone shaping opportunities to help define your P Bass tone.

P Bass, it’s simplicity and more narrow scope of tonal options can often put it into a one trick pony stereotype. But no, no , no. Lovers of the precision bass know this is far from the truth. That a P tone sits in the mix like it was always meant to be there and is why so many session musicians use a P over anything else.

Unlock the hidden tones within your instrument. Whether you are influenced by James Jamerson, Tim Armstrong or Eric Wilson. Precision bass pickups can deliver a smooth, deep & warm bass tone that you just want to take a bath in. Or a punchy, focussed & articulate tone with loads of attack that will ensure you can be heard.

No matter what p-sound you are searching for, Tone Merchants searches the world to bring you the best p bass pickups. So you can finally find the bass tone you have been looking for.

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