Nordstrand Dual Coil 4 Soapbar Set

Nordstrand Dual Coil 4 Soapbar Pickup leaves you in a state of wonder once you begin to unfold the dynamic spectrum of tonal options at your disposal. The versatility of this pickup lies in the players choice of its two different wind optimizations: especially programmed parallel or series operations.

The reason for providing you with these choices, stems how a pickup made to sound good in parallel will often sound too hot and dark when wired in series. Nordstrand Dual Coil 4 Soapbar wired in parallel has specially designed wind. This will provide a glistening high end, a submerged, trenching low end, and a crisp and clean midrange. The parallel model is usually a wiser choice for split-able installation, as its gain loss will not be diminished. A typical issue that is often associated with its sister in series. The higher output series model will provide a driving, combustible midrange that subdues the timbre of its high end without entirely dismantling any mandatory complementation within its tonal spectrum.

Sold as a complete set of 2 pickups. Individual pickups can be purchased on request. Contact us for more details.

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Nordstrand Dual Coil 4 Soapbar Set

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Nordstrand Dual Coil 4 Soapbar Pickup was the very first pickup to ever be fabricated by Nordic hands. In a sense, they are the gateway drug that has led to the obsessively creative habits and methodical productivity that streamlines the status quo of the Nordstrand way. To this day, this mythical first pickup—forged by the hands of Carey Nordstrand himself—stands in our shop as a monolithic reminder of the innovative thinking and creative combustibility that Nordstrand stands for.

Choose from Bartolini® & EMG40® cover sizing. Series or Parallel wind options to create your own desired tone. Stock available with Alnico V magnets and a 19mm string spacing.

Nordstrand Dual Coil 4 Soapbar Pickup Specs:

  • 4 string humbucking dual coil soap-bar pickup.
  • Available as a set.
  • Bartolini® and EMG40® replacements sets available.
  • 19mm string spacing standard.
  • Available V magnets around brighter, punchier, and meaner tone.
  • Alnico III are a custom shop option and can be made to order. They will provide a blanket of warmth for your pickup, giving it a slightly softer character.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone
  • Laser cut bobbins.

Soapbar Cover Sizes:

  • Bartolini® BC (3.99″ x 1.27)
  • EMG35® (1.51″ x 3.52″)

Nordstrand Custom Shop Options:

Choose your own configuration for the bridge and neck, string spacing and Alnico magnet. The options are boundless and all yours. Pricing is no different for a custom shop pickup, but production times can vary. So Contact Us to find our more,

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Bartolini®, EMG40®


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