Nordstrand Big Splits 4 Set

Nordstrand Big Split 4 design comes from yet another tale of what others might think of as perfunctory whimsicality, but what we at Nordstrand like to think of as simply the madness in our meticulous methods. This pickup’s hybrid timbre was created when Jazz and Precision tone was accidentally dropped into our Sonic Superconducting Particle Collider. The result was sonic pulverization, an explosion of vibe and ventriloquistic parentage; for it was found thereafter that the best aspects of the PJ.

Standard sizing of Bartolini® BC (3.99″ x 1.27) & EMG35® (1.51″ x 3.52″). With custom sized covers available on request as a custom shop order.

If we do not have stock in hand of the option you would like. We place all our stock and custom shop orders on the 13th of each month with orders dispatched from Tone Merchants the first or second week of the new month. Contact us if you would like to know more or talk with us about a custom shop pickup options.

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Nordstrand Big Splits 4 Set

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Product Description

The Nordstrand Big Splits 4 tone is one of both precision and muscularity. Its nature is of a sort of hybrid P/J character, only it delineates a smoother, stronger, and richer tonal palette. Given the extrapolated personality of its P/J sound, the Big Split is a top notch choice for both fretless playing and the Jazz Bass-on-steroids tone purist. The Nordstrand Big Split uses the same angled magnet layout as out the Big Single, only the coil is split. Through fitting as much wire as we could between two coils under a soapbar cover, we have come up with a tone that is fat, clean, and stylistically game changing.

Cover options:

  • Bartolini® BC (3.99″ x 1.27)
  • EMG35® (1.51″ x 3.52″)

Nordstrand Big Splits 4 Soapbar Pickup Specs:

  • Split coil 4 string soapbar bass pickups.
  • Sold as a complete set of pickups.
  • Angled poles.
  • Hum-cancelling, noiseless pickups.
  • 19mm string spacing standard.
  • Available in Alnico III magnets.

Nordstrand Custom Soapbar Pickups:

Choose your own configuration for the bridge and neck, string spacing and type of Alnico magnet. The options are boundless and all yours. Pricing is no different for a custom shop pickup, but production times can vary. So Contact Us to find our more,

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