- Bass Humbucker Pickups -

Bass Humbucker Pickups also known as MusicMan or ‘MM-style’ pickups, nicknamed from the release in 1976 by Music Man’s of the Stingray bass.

Deliver a punchy tone that will ensure you cut through the mix. When created the MM Style bass humbucker was a beast in the day. Compared to the split coil p and j bass pups of the time, the sound was enormous and almost had to be treat with care. Louis Johnson (Thunder Thumbs) tore ship up in the 70’s upon the launch of the MM Humbucker pickups.

Since then bass humbuckers have grown in popularity of use in different genera’s. Along with the technology behind the designs. Artists such as Tim Crawford and Justin Chancellor have taken the bass humbucker to new levels of sonic sounds that have defined their own bass tone in music history.

Tone Merchants searches the world to bring you the best bass humbucker pickups. So you
can find the bass tone you have always been searching for.

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