Bass Pickups From Around the Globe

Bass Pickups from some of the most innovative & top quality manufactures to upgrade your existing electric bass guitar. Or for your own build project. Here at Tone Merchants we search the world for the very best bass pickups so you can access a wider range of tones, to help you define the sound that is you. I (Brad) play bass, so have a few demo instruments set up with some of my favorite bass pickups that you can try out for yourself before purchasing. Or go check out my You Tube Channel for demos, product information & how to do some simple modifications of your bass guitar.

Representing some of the best bass pickup brands in the business.

I’m very proud to represent some of the leading and very best makers of bass pickups in the business. All offer their own unique take on different era’s, winding style & use of materials. Although none sound the same and defiantly have their own unique character. Each pickup company has the common ethos of achieving the very best that they can for bass players.

Choose from top USA brands such as Nordstrand Audio, Lindy Fralin Pickups & Lollar to name a few. For many bass players these guys are well known for their contribution to music. Heck, Jason Lollar literally wrote the book on pickup building! 

Fast Delivery Throughout Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands

All orders are sent from our shop in Auckland, NZ on a track and trace courier. Typically within New Zealand your Pickups will arrive over night once dispatched. For delivery into Australia typically our standard service is 5-7 days once dispatched.

Once your order is ready to send out to you, you will receive an e-mail notification with the track and trace details of your courier that has been booked. So if needed you can check on the progress of your delivery.

Of course if you are in Auckland you are more than welcome to come into my store. I’m here to help you with choosing the right Bass Pickups for your musical needs. Check out my Contact Page for shop hours & address. 

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