- Mustang Bass Pickups -

Mustang Bass Pickups for a direct swap out in your Fender Mustang Bass. Choose from our two great USA pickup manufacturers Nordstrand Audio and Lollar Pickups to create an authentic vintage Fender Mustang tone. Or go for a warmer, fatter tone with the Nordstrand angled pickup design. Either way, Tone Merchants has you covered when you want to find pickups for your Mustang Bass.

A short scale bass with unique design features that separate it from it’s bigger brother, the precision bass.  The Mustang Bass was designed by Leo Fender and introduced in 1966. Over the decades the design has stayed pretty much the same since then. So upgrading your Mustang Bass Pickups can breath life into your original 60’s, or recent re-issue of this iconic Bass guitar.

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