- Vintage & Preloved -

Vintage Bass Guitars & Preloved Gems from Tone Merchants. All tested, & set up by our skilled luthiers & guitar techs. Available to buy online with fast shipping throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

Buy vintage guitars direct from the importer. We source bass guitars from all around the world to offer you the vest best selection you could find.  Keep them in original condition, or talk with us about make modifications to create the tone you desire. After all it’s your instrument, do what you want to it. There are no rules and if there are, then we love breaking them!

Choose from Vintage Fender Bass Guitars, MIJ Greco, Fernandes or Tokai. Tone Merchants specializes in 70’s to 80’s vintages, with a real soft spot for Lawsuit era guitars.  If we dont have what you are looking for, then we can get it for you.  Contact us about our “finder” service where we can search for what you are after.

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