Nordstrand NVS Vintage Stratocaster Set

Nordstrand NVS Vintage Stratocaster pickups are vintage-correct single coil Stratocaster replacement pickups that showcase our simulated hand-wound technology: a 3-pickup set that satisfies all the expectations of classic Stratocaster tone, only with a bit more umph!

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Nordstrand NVS Vintage Stratocaster Set

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Product Description

Nordstrand NVS Vintage Stratocaster offer a slightly hotter bridge and a r.w.r.p. middle pickup for hum-canceling in the combo switch positions, these pickups achieve a dynamic balance of higher output, beefier midrange, and slightly more aggressive treble. These Stratocaster pickups have the ability to slice through any mix and skyrocket straight to the top of those piercing yet succulent lead frequencies; driving your amp and pedalboard with more intense output and revealing to you new dimensions of vintage Strat tone. But do not fear these aggressive adjectives! Though our wind technology and fabrication process provides these pickups with a unique high end and bold, complex character, they are still chock-full of classic Stratocaster bounce, punch, and quack. Great for rock, blues, and country styles!

Nordstrand NV Vintage Stratocaster Specifications:

  • Single coil vintage-correct Stratocaster replacement pickups with simulated hand wind.
  • Laser cut, vulcanized fiber bobbins wound with heavy Formvar wire. standard.
  • Available in Alnico V magnets for all around brighter, punchier, and meaner tone.
  • Available in white plastic covers.
  • Standard set: Based on vintage wind specs. Clean, full, and complex.
  • Potted for twenty minutes in a paraffin-beeswax mix to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

The NVS was the very first six string model available from Nordstrand Pickups. The coil shape and wind count was designed in Redlands, CA, by a team of discriminating craftsmen and players. From the time of our very first vintage Stratocaster replacement prototype, the Hot, standard, and Cool winds have been carefully and precisely refined with wind count and coil geometry in mind. To this day, the Nordstrand team continues to keep a watchful eye out for any place that the NVS design can be improved.

Nordstrand Custom Stratocaster Pickups

Order your own custom made Nordstrand Stratocaster set. Choose from a hot overwound set: with higher output, a beefy midrange, and tends to inhibit a slight case of tonal aggression in amps and pedals.  The Standard set: Based on vintage wind specs. Clean, full, and complex. Available with White covers online as our stock option. Or the Cool underwound set: clean and shimmery. Chicken pickin’ has never known such down-home tone as this! Great for country and bluegrass!
Choose from Black, White and Cream covers for custom shop options.


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