Porter 9T Set

Porter 9T neck gives you a nice clear and full tone without getting too muddy or too twangy. It will still provide the P90 “push” but remains thick in the mix. Designed and made by hand in Boise, Idaho.

Stock available with a Raw Nickel neck cover. Can be custom ordered with a Nickel, Chrome or Gold neck cover.

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Porter 9T Set

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Product Description

Porter 9T Set has a bridge pickup that gives you that huge P90 tone without any extra modifications to your guitar. The 9T bridge is very aggressive, driving your amp harder while still giving you the flexibility of adjusting each pole under each string. 9T bridge responds well to volume changes and clean up as you roll the knob down. You may like to try running these pickups at different heights depending on the results and aggressiveness you want.

The Porter 9T Telecaster Set works particularly well to tame otherwise bright or harsh guitars. Crank it up and let her rip!

Porter 9T Telecaster Set Specifications:

  • P90 tone with no modifications needed, easy replacement set.
  • Neck output 6.7-6.9K.
  • Bridge output 7.2K.
  • Designed and made in Boise, Idaho USA
  • Stock available with Raw Nickel neck cover.
  • Custom cover colours: Chrome, Nickel or Gold.

Porter Custom Shop Tele Pickup Options

Wanting a custom shop Telecaster pickup made to your tonal needs?  Contact us about Porter’s custom shop options.  This can be as simple as different cover colours, or a custom wind option.

If choosing a different cover colour, these can be ordered from the custom shop. Custom shop orders have a cut off on the 25th of each month. With delivery to Tone Merchants 3-4 weeks later, then immediately dispatched to you. At no extra cost to our stock options.


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