- Brads Mods -

Brads Mods are what it says in the box. My modified instruments, how i see fit.

Hi I’m Brad and these are my Mods – Modified Basses and Guitars. Some are new, some are old, some were once old, but now their basically new!

I have always loved to try and find tones I have in my mind, for specific type of players, or playing styles. Now that I have created Tone Merchants. A company that was the result of sheer frustrations at the lack of options available for people like me down here in the South Pacific. I get to have fun.

All components and parts are carefully considered in each mod. I then only work with the vert best guitar techs and luthiers across NZ. To produce a high quality bass or guitar that someone will love forever, or until I get to mod it again haha.

So keep an eye on this category and our Facebook page for these one off modified instruments. I might just make something that was meant for you.

Looking for a Vintage Bass or Guitar?  Check out my page of Vintage & Pre-loved instruments.


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